Have a Big Dog? 3 Reasons Why You Should Consider Strand Woven Bamboo

5 06 2012

Is Fido making your flooring decision for you?  We love our pets, they’re part of our family, but don’t let them make the final decision when it comes to choosing your floor.  You’re the human, so go, be a good boy and go buy those new floors you always wanted!  Now sit, good human…

Okay, seriously.  Here is a little known fact.  One of the best flooring options for your home with large dogs is bamboo.  Strand woven bamboo to be exact.  It’s becoming more and more popular among homeowners with large dogs, and here’s why:

REASON #1- It’s Hard

Even harder than some of the more expensive exotic hardwoods like santos mahogany flooring.  Therefore, it is durable when put to the test of your 150 pound dog’s nails.  Although it can be scratched, it will withstand a lot of punishment before doing so because of its density.

REASON #2- It’s Inexpensive

Considering its durability and look is comparable to high end exotic hardwoods, and the many options offered, strand woven bamboo flooring is relatively inexpensive.  You can get quality strand woven flooring product for under $5 per sq. ft. Whereas Exotic hardwoods can costs upward of $6-$9 per sq. ft.

REASON #3- Variety

Strand woven bamboo comes in many different color varieties and plank sizes.  Not only can it be carbonized, but it can also be stained to match virtually any color. From deep reds, to sand-colored tones, to deep browns & more- the possibilities for bamboo are endless. Don’t be fooled thinking it only comes in the natural and carbonized color varieties.

Don’t fall into the trap of buying some cheap laminate because you are afraid your dog(s) are going to destroy any nicer option.  Of course there are a few options out there that are durable enough to withstand large dogs, but strand woven bamboo is a wonderful choice.  It’s unique, fun, relatively inexpensive, and environmentally-friendly.  Be sure to consider it as an option for your next floor.